Interior Design Trends 2019

Commercial interior design concerns the development of rooms for business purposes and you may not realise it, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into how best to optimize the workspace. It’s an exciting time for commercial design. New themes are taking shape and are gearing up to improve productivity, health and happiness within the workplace. Have a look at these interior design trends that’s in store for the year ahead!


Cool and cold colours are officially on their way out, with hot, fire colors being the color palette of choice. Don’t be afraid to opt for warm, earthy colors such as terracotta, nor the bright and bold red, yellow and orange colors. Bright splashes of color are welcoming and can promote positivity and confidence in commercial interiors.


Be at one with nature at work! The colour green symbolises new beginnings and regrowth and branching out to extra greenery in the office through plants and plant pots will bring extra O2 to the workplace. Plants improve the air quality and absorb noise, which is beneficial for workplace acoustics and commercial interiors. Even commercial art such as plant images can contribute to the greenery theme. Green is also known as being a ‘calming’ colour, so why not bring that extra dose of calming rays to your commercial architecture?


In the commercial space, eco-friendly commercial designs that are recycled (or able to be recycled) are an absolute hit. They are frugal and carry the lowest environmental implant. Instead of using plastic, corporate design interiors should look to be using products and materials such as glass, wood, bamboo, cork, eco-friendly wallpaper and hemp for fabric.  


Commercial carpet tiles are another interior design trend to jump on the bandwagon this year. As they are practical, hard-wearing and soft, carpet tiles are natural sound absorbers and go a long way in improving a room’s acoustic environment - perfect for noisy workplaces! Acoustics are a really crucial element of commercial interior design, with privacy booths, acoustic panels, acoustic underlay, acoustic baffles and acoustic wall tiles also being an option.


We all know that lighting plays a huge role in the mood and ambience of rooms. For 2018 and beyond, we are looking at commercial interior LED lighting! They are mood-altering, brighter and cheaper to run - it would be daft not to implement this as part of your commercial interior design. You can use LED technology for decisive lighting placement and to accent hard to light areas of the office. If you’re looking to really spice up the workplace lighting, colour wash LEDs allow you to match the interior lighting to your business’ brand colours.

Considering these new commercial design trends will put you on bang on trend for 2018 and beyond. Are you wanting to incorporate commercial carpet tiles as part of your new commercial interior design? Check out Carpet Tiles Next Day for professional carpet tiles and commercial design services to elevate your office to new heights.

Andrea Pack